This is the first NFT offered by Chad’s NFTs!

Limited issue of 7 for the seven seas!

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This is the first NFT digital photo ever offered by Chad’s NFTs.

The Story

This was one of the first photographs that started my photography journey.  I had recently upgraded to a pro-level DSLR and was wanting to take a shot of almost everything.  I started snapping pics of the wavy clouds above.  It wasn’t until I started processing the files that I noticed what looked like a face in this particular set of clouds.  More to my surprise, as I started to play around with the edits the clouds began to look more like the sea. This started me on a season of intentionally looking up at the clouds and being mesmerized at the various shapes and objects that could be discovered in the sky.  So much so that I self-published a coffee table book (that of course only I and a couple friends bought) of all the fascinating views, objects, and faces I discovered in the sky!  This particular photo ended up being the cover for that book as it was the shot that started it all.  In that same spirit, the spirit of firsts, I offer this digital as my first foray into the world of NFTs.  May it inspire you to engage in many good firsts while sometimes feeling lost on the open sea of life.

Fitting that this first NFT digital photo offering, ‘Spirit of The Open Sea’, should be listed on OpenSea.


🙂, (Yes, I'm quoting myself.)

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