“The Ascention”


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Between here and there, the spirit ascends, the cloud bends, and life as we know it ends. But there, to which the spirit goes, it knows, and continues and grows. Homeward bound, to the son from which you came, live on Purple Rain.

This is the story of my #NFT  ‘The Ascention’

This shot and NFT is probably one of my favorites. At base it’s a cloud I spotted one day while I had my camera in hand.

I’ve always had a certain fascination with clouds and the fleeting images they sometimes present us with. I think it’s the catching of nature’s art that’s always in movement. And then to collaborate in a way with nature and bring about another image.

This was the original image taken that day, or at least close to it.

I then began to play around with it a bit more. I actually cut my teeth so-to-say on cloud pictures. Learning the fine details of what every slider and tool did in Adobe Lightroom (Classic) and how far I could push certain elements. This was the next stage.

Much of what I produce is by feel. Yes, I’ve learned the technicalities of light, lines, composition, rule of 3s & 3rds and such, but still… if an image meets all technical requirements but somehow annoys me… Delete. Unless of course its purpose is to annoy. 🙂

This photo was one of those I felt. It spoke to me like it was a soul that had trials in this world but was ascending in peace to the next life, to its true home.

This moved me to thoughts of many who have departed too soon, unjustly, and due to societal pressures. The likes of Jesus, MLK, and many others.

So in processing what I saw in the image, bringing out what it evoked, I layered it with purple for the royalty & dignity of these princes & queens this world doesn’t recognize, some outer thorns for the trials faced, and of course the sun, the light and peace they enter.

You know how time and circumstance will often solidify a standout work in your collection? That’s my feeling on this one, as it was soon after I finished it that Prince died. It seemed a fitting tribute and I ended up giving prints away to celebrate his life and music.

If you made it this far, thanks for listening to my story on this work. May you celebrate life, live justly, and lift up those less fortunate. See you on the other side Prince.

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